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Psalm Leaf from the 1611 King James Bible
1455 Gutenberg Lectern folio facsimile

Psalm Leaf from the 1611 King James Bible

1455 Facsimile of the Gutenberg Bible

Psalm Leaf from the 1611 King James Bible

A leaf from the very first press run of the original King James Bible: literally printed in the year 1611 in London, England… these leaves are over 400 years old. For many people, the English language Bible as we know it today IS the King James Bible, and there is no printing of the King James Bible even ONE year older than these 1611 leaves. They come with a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity printed on marbleized cardstock. The King James Bible remains the greatest book in the English language, and the best-selling book of all time. Whether framed and displayed in your home, or given as a wonderfully unique gift: these ancient original treasures are so large and beautifully typeset as to command the attention they deserve. They really cause people to stop and stare in awe… and sometimes in disbelief that it could possibly be the real thing. It is!

1455 Gutenberg Bible Facsimile

This lectern folio facsimile is printed on 8.5 by 11 inch paper.

The cover is a handmade hardcover black leatherette, with gold foil embossing, and gilded pages.  Instead of using thin Bible paper, we used full weight glossy art paper with photo quality color offset printing.  The dust jacket is a completely original artwork. The pages are actually sewn together, not glued like the average Bible, and lie open flat when left on a table.  This book is constructed to endure the passage of time, and be preserved for generations to come.


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ITEM # PS1-1:Psalm Leaf from the 1611 King James Bible and the 1455 Gutenberg Facsimile

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