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1975 Dawson Facsimile of the 1535 Coverdale Bible

California Book Club Coverdale publication with an Original Leaf of the 1535 Coverdale Bible

1975-1535 Coverdale facsimile. Introduction by Professor S.L. Greenslade. A superb facsimile of the First Bible Printed in English with a slipcase for the Bible which is the Holkam Copy in the British Library. The Cloth binding has 3 scuff marks on the front boars, otherwise, the binding is in excellent condition.

The slipcase is tooled to hold The California Book Club 1535 original leaf from the title page to the Apocryphal book of Judith along with a 45-page essay on the history of the Coverdale Bible. One of 425 copies printed in 1974 for the Book Club of California.

The Parker Society Two volume works of Coverdale.

The Parker Society was a text publication society set up in 1841 to produce editions of the works of the early Protestant writers of the English Reformation. It was supported by both the High Church and evangelical wings of the Church of England, and was established in reaction against the Tractarian movement of the 1830s. Its Council was dominated by evangelicals, but not to the exclusion of other views. It takes its name from Matthew Parker, Tudor Archbishop of Canterbury and manuscript collector.

Offered today is the two volume work of Miles Coverdale. Writings and Translations & Remains.

1535 Coverdale Facsimile andThe Book Club of California Coverdale publication with original title page from the the Apocryphal book Judith and the two volume works of Coverdale. $1995



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