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Our Oldest Bible Leaves : 1529 Luther New Testament

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1529 Luther New Testament:
The Oldest Available Printed German N.T. Scripture

A leaf from the earliest available printing of the New Testament in the German language. These leaves are ca. over 480 years old. They come with a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity. Martin Luther was the first person to translate and publish the Bible in the commonly-spoken dialect of the German people, using the 1516 Erasmus Greek as his source text. William Tyndale sought help from Martin Luther, in the 1520's, in Tyndale's effort to translate and print the New Testament in English for the first time. A wonderful treasure of our Protestant heritage... and a particularly unforgettable and unique gift for a Lutheran friend or Pastor.

These leaves measure approximately 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide. They were printed on 100% rag cotton linen sheet, not wood-pulp paper like books today, so they remain in excellent condition… even after nearly 500 years. Each leaf is a unique piece of ancient artwork, carefully produced one-at-a-time, using a movable-type press.

It does not get any more rare than this! A complete printing of Luther’s 1529 edition has never been found… and this fragment of a 1529 is THE ONLY ONE KNOWN TO EXIST. If you order a passage of scripture from this 1529 Luther New Testament, you will literally be the only person in the world who owns that passage of scripture from this historically important edition. Luther's first printing of the whole Bible in German was done in 1530, so these 1529 New Testament leaves pre-date all of Luther's Bibles.

Perhaps more so than any other man, Martin Luther paved the way for the Protestant Reformation. Imagine… having a one-of-a-kind passage of scripture from the oldest printed German New Testament: The 1529 Martin Luther New Testament.


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1529 Luther New Testament Certificate