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1562 Geneva Bible In French
, Item # GFR1001.

Ancient Bible

1562 Geneva Bible in French

[Bible in French.] [general title:] La Bible/ qui est/ Tovte la Saincte/ Escritvre,/ Contenant le Viele et/ le Novveav Testament:/ ou, la vielle & nouuelle/ alliance./ Qvant est dv Novveav Te-/ stament, il a este reueu & cottige sur le Grec,/ par l’auis des Ministres de/ Geneue. Aussi avec les figures, on a adiouste des Annotations,/ fort amples sur toute la Bible. [ Geneva: Francois Jaquy, 1562.] [New Testament title:] Le/ Novveav/ Testament,/ C’est a dire,/ La nouuelle alliance de nostre Siegneur/ Iesus Christ./ Reueu de nouueau & corrige sur le Grec, par l’advis des/ Ministres de Geneue./ Auec annotations reueues, & de nouueau augmentees. [ Geneva: Francois Perrin, 1562.] [bound with:] Les Pseavmes mis en rime Francois, par Clement Marot, et Theodore de Beze, etc.

Small folio in sixes. 11” tall. Collates complete per Chambers, pp, 292-93.

Prelims: Not foliated. Signed [*.i.] *.ii.-*iii [*.iv.].

OT : Foliation 1-349 (complete) with the following printer’s flaws: ff. 57 & 58 mis-numbered 51 & 52; f. 190 mis-numbered 192; f. 199 not numbered; ff. 200-203 mis-numbered 197-200; f. 204 mis-numbered 221; f. 210 mis-numbered 205; f. 236 mis-numbered 242; f. 268 mis-numbered 265; f. 289 not numbered; f. 308 mis-numbered 303; f. 333 mis-numbered 330; f. 331 not numbered; f. 335 mis-numbered 327; f. 343 mis-numbered 243; f. 348 mis-numbered 338.

Signed: a-z6; aa-zz6; Aa-Ll8; M8 (leaf M8 a blank).

Apocrypha: Foliation 1-86 (complete) with printer’s flaws: f. 20 mis-numbered 19; f. 68 mis-numbered 89 (type upside down); ff. 81-85 mis-numbered 80-84. Signed: A-N6; O8 (with [O.v.] mis-signed O.iiii.).

NT : Foliation [1]-100 (complete). Signed: A-Q6; R.i.-[R.iv.].

Back matter continues [R.v.-vi], then S6; T8; (Pseaumes:) A-E6; La forme des prieres ecclesiastiques (etc.) F-G6.

Condition: Some edge-damp and other staining, mostly light and inoffensive. Folio 132 (I. Rois) torn, repaired, extended. Folio 133 also repaired. Final quire G (la forme des prieres ecclesiastiques, etc.) with substantial edge loss, repaired, extended or mounted. Edges darkened. General title darkened, mounted; verso widely extended Family notes (early 19 th Century) in ink on blank before Apocrypha in French and English. Some closed tears and other repairs.

Overall still in much nicer condition than one would expect, and very nicely margined. In a new binding to style, simple full calf, spine gilt in compartments and with red morocco lettering piece.

The Calvinist Bible in French published in Geneva was primarily based on the first French Protestant version of Pierre Robert Olivetan published in 1535 in Neuchatel (DM 3710). The French Geneva Bibles were as important to the Reformation among the French-speaking population of Europe as the English Geneva Bibles wer e to the English Reformers. Both Bibles are versified and contain numerous extensive notes, cross references, and controversial Calvinist commentary.

“The revised Olivetan Bible exercised considerable influence on the English Geneva Bible. The English Bible of 1560 closely resembles in type and format the French Bible of the same date printed by F. Jaquy and others (Darlow and Moule, p. 390).

Chambers 285 (collation at 284) (B1562jaq, per(2)) (Chambers, Bettye Thomas, Bibliography of French Bibles. 15 th and 16 th Century French-Language Edition of the Bible, Geneva 1983). Not in Darlow and Moule, but see note at DM 3721, p. 390. Adams B 1139. van Eys, (B) 105.

Ex-Trinity College, Bristol with their ownership stamp on title-page.

Please Note:  This is a low-resolution photo, which shows the format, but makes reading the text nearly impossible.  In reality, the text of these Bibles is large enough and clear enough to read very easily. 

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Just The Facts

Item # GFR1001
OT Title Page: 1562
NT Title Page: 1562
Size: 11 x 8 x 3
Font: Roman

Additional Features:
Full Calf
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $35,000

Inventory List Price: $21,000

Sale Price: Your actual price on this Bible is significantly LOWER than the "List Price" shown above.  For a current exact price quote on item # GFR1001, please Contact Us.