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High-Quality Facsimile Reproductions

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1713 Lord's Prayer Facsimile Reproduction

1713 Lord’s Prayer Book
Facsimile Reproduction

In 1713, this was one of the most popular books: The Lord's Prayer in Over 100 Languages. The preface is in Latin... but, hey, you can't read most of this book anyway! It is a cute little novelty showing one of the most beloved passages of scripture, as it appears in the language of more than a hundred different cultures. A great little gift.

As an added bonus, we have included in the back, a reprint from the English Hexapla that shows the Lord's Prayer in all the great English language versions, too! This little book measures 9.25 inches tall by 6.25 inches wide by one-half inch thick, and is bound in hardcover charcoal gray with gold stamped lettering on the cover and spine. It has 76 computer-scanned pages printed on heavy cream paper. A most curious and unique little work... and a nice gift idea.


ITEM # FR-LPH-1: $39 - One 1713 Lord’s Prayer Book Facsimile
ITEM # FR-LPH-3: $89 -Three1713 Lord’s Prayer Book Facsimiles
ITEM # FR-LPH-10: $249 -Ten1713 Lord’s Prayer Book Facsimiles

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Open Book - Detail Image Lord's Prayer Title Page Lord's Prayer Page Detail