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Featured Items & Events

Our next Bible History Symposium has NOT yet been scheduled. Please be assured that the very same day that we know when it will be, is the same day that we will post that information. There is no need to call us on the phone to inquire... we promise the schedule will be posted here in this box just as soon as we set the dates.

The Forbidden Book
"The Forbidden Book" Bible History Symposium presented by GREATSITE.COM and The Bible Museum, Inc., is held at our Arizona Showroom at least twice a year, and draws hundreds of people from all over the country. Dr. Craig Lampe is our keynote speaker, and there is no charge to attend. Join us for two days that will transform your mind and stir your heart, as you learn how God has preserved His Word through the ages.

The Forbidden Book Video

“The Forbidden Book” DVD, hosted by Dr. Craig Lampe, takes you on a field-trip across Europe and SHOWS YOU how we got the Bible in the English language. See Wycliffe’s church, Tyndale’s print shop, the door where Luther nailed his 95 Theses, and much more!

A spiral-bound companion book is also available, which goes into even more detail, and contains three genuine original ancient Bible leaves.

Featured and Seasonal Ideas

Featured & Seasonal Ideas: for holidays, special occasions, and special people. We have what it takes to bring a tear to the eye of even the hardest-to-shop-for person.

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