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References & Endorsements

As “The Bible Museum, Inc.” at WWW.GREATSITE.COM has grown since 1987, we have acquired an amazing customer base which now includes :

  • Pastors of many of the largest churches in America
  • Presidents & Directors of the largest ministries and seminaries in the world
  • CEO’s of several “Fortune 500” companies and members of the “Forbes 400”
  • Museum Directors, publishers, investment bankers, commodity brokers
  • Many of the most famous stars of film, television, and professional sports
  • Many Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and Judges
  • Even one former President of the United States
The names of our customers are kept strictly confidential, however, the individuals listed below have given us their permission to quote them.

“We started by ordering a framed Bible Leaf for John MacArthur as a gift. Since then, I and many others on church staff have made purchases from GREATSITE.COM, and our purchases have made great additions to our homes and offices.”
Dr. Tom Pennington
Executive Pastor: Grace Community Church
Los Angeles, CA
The Ministry of Dr. John MacArthur
“We’ve offered a number of GREATSITE.COM’s facsimiles and Bible leaves in our Ligonier Ministries Resource catalog over the years. The Bible Museum has also exhibited their rare and antique Bibles and leaves at our National Conferences (for five years now)”
Alan Yardis
Former Sr. Vice President of Marketing
Ligonier Ministries / “Renewing Your Mind”
The Teaching Ministry of Dr. R.C. Sproul
"Ligonier Ministries", "Renewing Your Mind", and "R.C. Sproul" are registered trademarks. Their use here is limited to reference, and does not in any way imply a blanket endorsement.
“As a personal friend of the men who run both Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses, there is one thing that speaks volumes of your reputation: both of these institutions, when asked to refer me to a dealer of antique and rare biblical material mentioned only one dealer: GREATSITE.COM . That tells me all I need to know! I am very comfortable doing business with you, and your collection is amazing.”
Alex Peabody
Investment Banker and Collector
Formerly with Morgan Stanley
& Solomon Smith Barney
“The Bible Museum, Inc. is a wealth of Biblical heritage made available to those who normally would not have access to such fascinating resources. The website at GREATSITE.COM is informative, the prices reasonable, and the service reliable, trustworthy, and speedy. I enjoy the pieces I have from this… well… ‘great site’!”
Dr. Michael S. Beates
Dean of Students
Reformed Theological Seminary
Pastor: Covenant Presbyterian Church

“My experience with GREATSITE.COM has been nothing but pleasant. The quality of materials I have purchased from them has been excellent, and the well-informed advice on Biblical antiquities they have shared with me on numerous occasions has been extremely helpful.”
Rev. Harold Rawlings: Senior Pastor
Landmark Baptist Temple
Cincinnati, OH
“GREATSITE.COM has been running full page advertisements in WORLD (the fourth-largest news magazine in America) for years. We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with them, and have even given their beautiful framed Bible leaves as gifts to special clients and friends of WORLD Magazine.”
Jennifer Graham: Advertising Director
WORLD Magazine
“The Bible League has purchased many Bible leaves from The Bible Museum, Inc. to present to our Bible League Partners. These leaves are unique gifts and always very much appreciated.”
The Bible League
Chicago, IL
“We have worked with The Bible Museum and GREATSITE.COM for rare Bible leaves, which we frame as special awards for pro-family legislators and supporters. We have always been pleased with the quality… and the recipients have always been pleased.”
Carolyn E. Kunkle: Development Director
Christian Coalition of Florida
“We have several items purchased from The Bible Museum / GREATSITE.COM on display at our museum in Houston, Texas. They share our desire to make ancient printed Biblical material more readily available to the public, and we are proud to work with them to accomplish that goal.”
Don Piercy: Director
The Museum of Printing History

Read the Wall Street Journal article written about GREATSITE.COM

NOTE: GREATSITE.COM has actually run FULL-PAGE advertisements for the website in ALL of the following well-known publications: The Saturday Evening Post, The American Spectator, The Washigton Times, The Robb Report, Computing Today, Bible Review, Biblical Archaeology Review, World, Insight Magazine, Human Events, The World and I, The Barnes Review, The National Liberty Journal, and others.

Our website advertising budget for some of these magazines has run as high as $65,000.00 per publication. GREATSITE.COM’s print ads have helped to make it one of the most recognized Christian websites on the Internet.

national ad
Our National Ad

Russell Crowe holding Bible purchased from

Shown here is a scene from the 2003 movie "Master and Commander", in which Academy Award winning actor Russell Crowe holds an ancient Bible he purchased from us, for use in this movie.

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