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The First Bible Printed in America

I Peter 2:7 – 4:15 Key Verse 2:4-5 Corner Stone - The 1661 Eliot New Testament $1,995

Romans 7:15 – 9:16 - Key Verse Romans 8:28 - The 1661 Eliot New Testament $2,995

Hebrews 12:15 -1 Peter 2:6 "The Entire Book of James" from the first Bible printed in the New World. Three Leaves $8,000

I Corinthians 3:6 – 6:9 Key Verse 4:10 The 1661 Eliot New Testament $1,995

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New Testmanent First Edition Leaves


A personal note from Dr. Craig Lampe:

John Eliot is one of the preeminent names of the 17th century whose life and achievements have been lost to the pages of history. He lived during the time of such colossal figures as John Milton, Oliver Cromwell, John Bunyan, and John Winthrop.

A graduate of Cambridge University in 1622, Eliot passionately searched for meaning of the Biblical Gospel. The Gospel had suffered through the repressive regime of Archbishop William Laud, and Eliot’s quest took him from England to Holland and finally to Roxbury, Massachusetts, where he served as a Teaching Elder.

His service as an Elder initially appeared ordinary in many ways but that was soon to change because Eliot was a major contributor to the first printed book in America, the Bay Psalm Book of 1640. A work that is so scarce by modern standards, a recent copy sold at auction for $13,000,000 (thirteen million dollars).

Out of his great love and sympathy for Native Americans, Eliot labored for decades that they might learn to known and trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation. Due to the nature of his work, John Eliot came to be known affectionately as the “Apostle To The Indians.” This mean learning and teaching the various tribal languages. It also resulted in producing the exceedingly rare first printed scriptures in America: The Algonquin Indian New Testament of 1661. Therefore, his ministry among the Indians marks the modern beginning of World Missions.

Originally, 1500 copies of the New Testament of 1661 and 1,000 copies of the Old Testament of 1663, were published, but virtually none exist today. What would be the value of any surviving text? On any reasonable scale of historical note, and spiritual citation, it would be of exceptional value.

Americana, especially The Bible, is an undervalued commodity that is appreciating in a dramatic fashion. Most American Christians can afford to own an investment-grade Bible that was printed in America. A variety of early American Bible leaves are also available. The best value for the collector, in terms of return on investment, is the first Bible printed in the Western Hemisphere: the Eliot Indian Bible.

These are very scarce and apart from the moderate price, just the pride of ownership and the story of the sacrifice to publish in the New World of the 1600’s, is a living witness to world missions and the determination to make the Word of God available to a people who had no alphabet, and no written language.

World Missions was birthed by John Eliot, who printed the first scriptures: the New Testament in 1661, and the whole of scripture in 1663. Selected passages of scripture are virtually one-of-a-kind, and the list of New Testament leaves are being made available for the first time to our Bible Museum Email Newsletter subscribers. Compare Gutenberg leaf ownership comparable to a leaf from the Eliot Indian Bible.


The Story of the beginning of World Missions

Did you know?...or imagine that you can own an original leaf (Bible page) from the 1661 Eliot Indian New Testament translated from the Massachusetts dialect of the Algonquin language by John Eliot. Compelled by the idea of converting the Indians, his first step was to learn their dialects. Eliot pursued the task and after 8 years the New Testament was published in 1661…. The complete Bible was published in 1663. These New Testament leaves were the FIRST CHRISTIAN Scriptures printed in North America.

Richard Baxter said of John Eliot and his translation, “There is no man on earth whose work is more honorable or comfortable than yours.” This project undertaken by John Eliot is best described as the birth of World Missions. Mr. Eliot avoided short cuts in this work and set the standard for all future efforts to translate the scriptures into the language of the people.

1522 – Martin Luther published the New Testament in German from the Greek-Latin 2nd edition of Erasmus, making it possible for God’s Word to go free in the language of the German people.

1526 – William Tyndale, inspired by Luther, translated the New Testament Scriptures into the language of the English people.

1557 – Geneva New Testament.. English refugees in Geneva reprinted Tyndale’s work separating the text into chapter and verses with marginal notes to aid parents to instruct (home school) their children.

1611 – First printing of the King James Bible

1661 – First printing in the Americas of the New Testament in the Indian dialect.

The 1661 Eliot Indian New Testament was the greatest challenge and accomplishment to allow God’s Word to go free! John Eliot had to invent the alphabet and created written language for an illiterate people.

Eliot’s goal was to make converts to the saving grace of God as revealed in God’s Word.

Also Available...The 1663 Eliot First Edition
Old Testament Printing of Proverbs 31

Proverbs 30:11-Ecclesiastes 2:1 - The 1663 Eliot Indian Bible - $4,995

Did you know that God sees a Godly woman as a mighty warrior?

The first 30 chapters of The Proverbs are God’s instructions to a young man on how to find a Godly wife.

The 31st Chapter of Proverbs is a description of a Godly woman, a virtuous woman, in fact the Godly woman is a mighty warrior.

This passage of Scripture has a great value to the cultures that are Christian.

The Eliot Indian Bible translation of Proverbs 31 describes God’s view of a woman of God as a Mighty warrior.

This is the FIRST time this popular scripture was ever printed in the Western Hemisphere.

1663 Eliot Indian Bible original leaf, 1st edition, 1st printing of Proverbs XXXI.

An $8000 value

In addition: an original Proverbs 31 leaf from a first edition 1611 King James Pulpit Bible.

A $1500 value at no cost

Plus a free 25 page pamphlet by Dr. Frank Seekins, Hebrew Scholar, entitled A MIGHTY WARRIOR

A $9,500 total value for just $4995.


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