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Special Interest Bible Leaves

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The 1455 Gutenberg Bible:
The First Book Ever Printed

A leaf from the First Edition / First Printing of the first thing ever printed in history! These Latin Bible leaves were printed in Mainz, Germany over 550 years ago. Civilization’s first book: it simply does not get any older than this. These are the very first pages to ever come off a printing press, by the inventor of the movable-type printing press, John Gutenberg. Beautifully accented in red and blue inks, with black text of 42 lines in two columns, this is the most rare and valuable printed material in the world. Only 22 complete Gutenberg Bibles are known to exist. An entire 1455 Gutenberg Bible would likely fetch around $100 Million. Our leaves cost less than one one-thousandth of that price. All leaves come with our Certificate of Authenticity and all supporting documentation.

Most of the Gutenberg leaves in our inventory of a half-dozen, are from the so-called “Noble Fragment” purchased in 1911 by New York Book Dealer Gabriel Wells, and sold one-leaf-at-a-time starting in 1921. Wells accompanied each leaf with a lovely black leather presentation folio, and each of our “Noble Fragment” Gutenberg leaves comes with that original leather folio. We also have a couple of Gutenberg leaves that are not from the “Noble Fragment”, but those have only red accents rather than red and blue.

The person responsible for crafting the most important invention in the history of civilization, the movable type printing press, was a man named John Gooseflesh. He was not fond of his last name, so he changed it to John Beautiful-Mountain (“Johannes Gutenberg”). Ironically, while Gutenberg invented this world-changing marvel, he never personally profited from it. His financial backers were quite unethical, and forced Gutenberg out of his own business.

This is the “Holy Grail” of book collectors everywhere. To actually own a leaf from history’s first book is to be a member of a very elite and small group of people in the world. Gutenberg leaves are quite a solid investment acquisition as well… their prices have continued to climb by around 20% per year. Our Title Page Leaf is the only Gutenberg Title Page for sale in the world. Call us for details.


ITEM # LGL -1: $95,000 to $109,000 ... a leaf from the Old Testament (INQUIRE)

ITEM # LGL-2: $119,000 to $129,000 ... a leaf from the New Testament or Psalms (INQUIRE)

ITEM # LGL-3: $149,000 to $195,000 ... a leaf of a premium scripture passage (INQUIRE)

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