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Special Interest Bible Leaves

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The 1539 Taverner - Tyndale Bible

A leaf from the first edition of the Taverner’s revision of the 1537 Matthew-Tyndale Bible, produced by Richard Taverner in 1539. As a graduate of both Cambridge and Oxford, Richard Taverner sought to bring more “compression and vividness” to the Biblical text. It is this translation that first introduced such words as “parable” and ‘passover” and other terms still in use. Leaves from Taverner’s Bibles are extremely rare, because very few Taverner’s Bibles were ever printed. In the same year, 1539, King Henry’s “Great Bible” was also introduced, and its influence and quantity of production was far greater. The Taverner’s Bible ultimately became more of a curious footnote in history, and a printing of which very few are even aware. Many of our customers say that they thought their Bible leaf collections were complete, and that they had simply accepted that they would never be able to obtain one of the ultra-rare Taverner’s Bible leaves… and they were shocked to discover that we could possibly have these leaves available.

These leaves were printed on 100% rag cotton linen sheet not wood-pulp paper like books today, so they remain in excellent condition... even after more than 470 years. The 1539 first edition leaves measure approximately 8 inches tall by 5 and a half inches wide. Each leaf comes with a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity.

Leaves from the 1539 Taverner-Tyndale Bible: First Edition - Quarto
ITEM # TTB-39 : $495

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