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1535 Coverdale Bible
, Item # MC1535.


[Bible in English.] Biblia, The Byble: that is Holy Scripture of the Olde and New Testament,… [E. Cervicornus & J. Soter (?) : Cologne (?) or Marburg (?); (some fresh research is beginning to point to Antwerp]
General title-page supplied in expert printed facsimile (variant Herbert, p. 10, paragraph 2).
Small stout folio in sixes. Imperfect, as is every copy in existence (see Herbert, p. 11). Ideal collation per Herbert, acknowledging that no complete copy exists:

+8; a-p6; aa-vv6; Aa-Hh6; I4; Aaa-Rrr6 (misprinted in Herbert as Brr6); A-O6; AA-TT6.
Copy at hand lacks preliminaries and text block folios i. through xv. – text begins at folio xvi. (leaf [c.iiii.]). Lower corner repairs and extensions through folio lxviii sometimes affecting text. The printed and inserted map to follow leaf [p6], explicit of the Pentateuch, is present in its right half (left half missing at fold and a chip to remaining side’s lower corner). Map is titled [The description of the londe of promes,] called Palestina/Canaan/ or the holy londe. Fry recorded only two complete copies of this map and four halves (MS note, unpublished but quoted in Herbert, p.11). Fly-titl e t o “Second Parte” is cropped to centered text and mounted.
Aa.ii. mis-signed Aaa.ii (Job 3 & 4). Ii.iii with fore-edge chip just touching text block. Ii.iiii verso with 17th Century ink notes. Closed tear in [] with no loss of text. [] with fore-margin chip just touching th e t ext block. Lower corner chip to A.iii with tiny loss of text. Lacks leaves O.iii. – [O.v] though foliation is continuous (lxxx-lxxxi [should be lxxxiiii]); text jumps from II Maccabees Chap. 12 to end of Chapter 14. HH.iii with marginal chip not affecting text. Wants [] in Ephesians. KK.iii. and KK.iiii with rough fore-edges affecting shoulder notes only. Nn.ii lower corner chipped not affecting text. [SS.v.] is final integral leaf of text block; wants final seven leaves []-[], th e t ext of which is supplied in facsimile. Fly-titl e t o Second Part Joshua-Ester (leaf [aa.i]) has printed text core only, mounted to an inserted leaf, woodcut border excised.
Some headlines shaved or touched. Minor internal ink and damp staining.

 Full mottled. Spine labels reading: “Coverdale Bible” and “First Edition 1535.” Plain endpapers preserving the black and white bookplate of Arthur I. Moir with motto Major Opima Ferat (“let the worthier carry the honor”).

 Herbert 18. Darlow and Moule 7. STC 2063.


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 Coverdale 1535

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Just The Facts

Item # MC1535
Miles Coverdale

OT Title Page: 1535 FAC
NT Title Page: 1535
Size: 12 x 9 x 4 "
Font: Black Letter

Full Calf
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $700,000

Inventory List Price: $

Sale Price: Your actual price on this Bible is significantly LOWER than the "List Price" shown above.  For a current exact price quote on item
# MC1535
, please Contact Us.