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1551 "Tyndale" Bible
, Item # TSF1002.

1551 Tyndale Matthew Version
"The Wife Beater's Edition"

[Bible in English.] [The Byble/ that is to say, al the holy/ Scripture conteined in the olde/ & new Testament, faythfully set/ furth according to ye Coppy of Thomas Mathewes traunslacion, wherunto are/ added certaine learned Prologues, &/ Annotacions…/ London: John Daye, 1551.]

William Tyndale’s translations/versions are very scare.

This item collates complete. Expert facsimile on the Title Page while all other present content is original. Some minor page repairs are present which is to be expected. This editon is one of the most heralded of all because of a reference note in 1 Peter 3:7 where it, “And if she be not obediente and healpful unto hym, endevoureth to beate the fere of God into her heade, that thereby she may be compelled to learne her dutye and do it.”

This is a beautiful, tall, clean, and crisp copy. Also included in this curious edition are hundreds of notes authored by Erasmus.

Herbert 92.



Just The Facts

Item # TSF1002
OT Title Page: Fac. 1551
NT Title Page: 1551
Size: 11.5 x 8 x 3
Font: Black Letter

Additional Features:
Full Calf
End Papers: Cotton
Introductory Table

Appraisal Value: $120,000

Inventory List Price: $100,000

Sale Price: Your actual price on this Bible is significantly LOWER than the "List Price" shown above.  For a current exact price quote on item # TSF1002 , please Contact Us.