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Mayflower 400th Anniversary Special

7 inches tall by 5 Inches wide
1612 King James New Testament

We have chosen our best-selling Bible facsimile (the 1611 King James Pulpit Bible) in a reduced format with a brief narrative of the story inserted in the preface of the Bible.

On the special cover we have stamped a 3-color foil image depicting the Mayflower ship to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the momentous event that resulted in the establishment of the United States of America.
The Mayflower Compact imprinted in the Preface is the most important document in the 17th century to establish the foundation of our country…next to only The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the 18th century.

In addition we have included in our introductory offer a beautiful copy of Dr. Rendal Harris’ book The Finding of the Mayflower, free, along with an original original The 1612 Ultra-Rare First Printing of the King James New Testament, printed in "Quarto" size in 1612, Just one year after the Folio 1611 "Folio" size printing.

400th Anniversary, 1612 N.T. leaf, and Finding the Mayflower. $195

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