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High-Quality Facsimile Reproductions

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1585 Calvins Institutes of the Christian Religion Facsimile Reproduction

1585 John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion
Facsimile Reproduction

The first English language abridged edition of history’s most famous theological treatise, enlarged to more than twice the size of the original for easy reading. No theology book has ever been more loved or hated than this Magnum Opus of the Reformation, addressing the most controversial question in church history: “Which comes first in the believer’s heart: faith or regeneration?” Every Christian needs to read and understand this defense of God’s total sovereignty in the salvation of His chosen children.

Do we choose God or does God choose us? Well… which is it? It seems like a simple enough question, but be careful… your answer will effect every aspect of the nature of God and man. Is God truly sovereign, or just mostly sovereign? Does man really have “free will”, or does it just seem that he does? Who determines your eternal destiny: you or God? Are you saved by faith alone… or is it actually faith plus one work: seeing your need for God on your own, and coming to Him of your own supposedly “free will”?

More than a trivial argument in semantics, the correct answer is absolutely essential to a correct understanding of the nature of God and His relationship with all humanity. This question has divided and created Protestant denominations for centuries. It is obvious that the Bible teaches “predestination” (Ephesians One)… but what is not as obvious to some, is exactly what that word means. Calvin’s work is the definitive reference work on the subject. If we could all agree on what is stated in this most famous of Christian books, most of the walls that today separate Baptist from Methodist from Presbyterian … would disappear! Every educated Christian needs to know what is in this book. In fact… if you don’t want to buy our facsimile of the first abridged edition, you should at least go to our sister-site: WWW.BIBLES.NET and read a modern version of Calvin’s Institutes online.

Printed on heavy cream paper, and bound in a nice charcoal gray hardcover, this book measures 11 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide by 1.25 inches thick. It is over 400 pages, plus the original index section. No book, outside of the Bible itself, has had a greater impact on Christian theology than John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion. We are proud to offer this priceless jewel in exact facsimile form for the first time ever. While the original sells for $10,000 ... this facsimile is less than two percent of that.




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